With our tapioca and rice paste you can model edible flowers, clothing for figures or ruffles for theme cake. After drying, the paste remains flexible for months, so that flowers and Co. feel and look even more realistic.
Depending on the humidity, the parts have to dry for about 12 hours - as with other pastes. Even with this paste, it is quite possible to make the flowers in stock, it should be noted that they are stored upside down (Important!).
Ingredients: rice flour, sugar, glucose, water, E422, coconut oil, E401, E171, E202, vanilla flavor
The paste is vegan, halal and GMO-free, only the best ingredients are used)
For more information, see FAQ section.
Manufacturer: Majatina

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Cold Porcelain MouldManufactury Flower Gumpaste
Cold Porcelain MouldManufactury Flower Gumpaste

Cold Porcelain

Our cold porcelain (250 g) is a high-quality and smooth modeling clay, which is particularly suitable for detailed patterns and filigree techniques. The perfect complement to our veiners and cutters. It is dimensionally stable in processing and can be rolled out very thin, it is therefore very well suited for the production of flowers. Finished works are dried in the air. The mass can be dyed with commercial food colors. With powdercolors you can apply beautiful shades.
Advantage: When tying flowers, nothing breaks and it lasts forever.

• Soft and comfortable to work with
• Very thin roll out possible
• Stable and shockproof
• Does not stick to your fingers
• non-edible but non-toxic product.
• Not suitable for children under 3 years.
• Package contents 250 g


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